Fully online non-degree graduate-level accounting courses are offered to fulfill the following:

  • Obtain a Professional Accounting Certificate
    • Students gain educational training specializing in accounting while not having to complete a full Master of Accounting degree. Students must complete four (4) classes (12 credits total) of accounting-focused coursework and earn a grade of “C” or better in each course to receive the Professional Accounting Certificate.
  • Earn Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Credits
    • Students can take courses to accumulate the credits needed to sit for the CPA exam and obtain a license to practice public accounting. The State Board of Accountancy should be contacted to see what courses each individual student need as well as provide additional details on the CPA exam and licensing requirements.
  • Earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits
    • Accounting professionals who are CPAs and need continuing professional education (CPE) credits to maintain their public accounting licenses may take these courses to stay up to date on accounting competencies, knowledge, and best practices and earn CPE credit. Students and practitioners should consult the State Board of Accountancy to determine the CPE requirements of their state.

Note: Non-degree courses will not transfer to an accounting degree program at FAU. Interested in enrolling in an FAU online Master’s Degree program? Learn more at Executive Master of Accounting or Executive Master of Taxation.

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    Program Start Dates

    • Spring (January)
    • Summer (May)
    • Fall (August)
      •  Next available semester: Summer 2024, courses begin Saturday, May 11, 2024

    Admission is determined by availability; qualified applicants may be considered for admission up until class/program start dates. Apply early to secure your admission into the class/program.

    Recommended application dates:

    • Apply by July for the Fall semester
    • Apply by November for the Spring semester
    • Apply by April for the Summer semester

    Admissions Criteria

    • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
    • Overall GPA 2.5 or above
    • Students may begin the certificate courses during their last semester of undergraduate coursework with advisor approval

    To Determine Eligibility

    Click HERE to upload your unofficial transcript(s) from your bachelor’s in accounting degree program.

    Graduates of a foreign college who have completed an academic program equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree are required to submit a course-by-course and GPA evaluation from a foreign credentials evaluation service that is a member of NACES.

    Decision and Next Steps

    You will be informed of your eligibility status upon successful review of the unofficial transcript. If eligible, the Admissions Advisor will email you the next steps to complete the application process, and the registration form for the offered courses.

    Students may take as few or as many courses in the program as desired or needed to fulfill their academic or professional goals.

    The following courses are offered on a recurring basis (prerequisite restrictions apply):

    Courses Offered in the Fall Semester:

    ACG 5176 – Financial Statement Analysis Concepts and Applications – Analysis of accounting and financial information using published annual reports and other external information sources.
    Prerequisites: ACG 3141 or FIN 3403

    ⇒ ACG 5673Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination – An introduction to the theory and practice of forensic accounting with an emphasis on fraud examination. Designed to develop analytical skills that can be utilized by professionals responsible for the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud.
    Prerequisites: Principles of Accounting 1 ACG 2021 or Financial Accounting Concepts ACG 6027

    Courses Offered in the Spring Semester:

    ⇒ ACG 5464 Accounting Applications in E-Commerce – Coverage of the elements of accounting for e-commerce and supporting technologies. The focus includes the integration of accounting and e-commerce web platforms, accounting analytics, tax and regulatory compliance.
    Prerequisites: 6 credits of upper-division undergraduate accounting 3000 level

    ⇒ ACG 5505 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting Theory – A study of information presented in financial statements/other reports of governmental units and not-for-profit entities and associated authoritative literature. Not available to students who have completed ACG 4501 or its equivalent.
    Prerequisites: ACG 3141 Intermediate Theory 2

    Courses Offered in the Summer Semester:

    ⇒ ACG 5647Auditing and Assurance Services 2 – Study of auditing the different transaction cycles and accounts of a business; AICPA attestation standards and engagements; AICPA compilation and review standards and engagements; IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants; IAASB International Standards on Auditing.
    Prerequisites: ACG 4651 Auditing and Assurance Services 1 or ACG 6635 Auditing Theory and Practice A continuation of ACG 4651

    ⇒ ACG 5205 Advanced Accounting 1 – Study of accounting for business combinations and consolidated entities; accounting for partnerships is also covered.
    Prerequisites: ACG 3141 Intermediate Theory 2 or ACG 6137 Financial Reporting and Accounting Concepts

    Students may select from the courses above, or select up to 6 credits of pre-approved 3000-4000-level ACG/TAX courses that were not taken as part of their undergraduate degree program by contacting undergraduate College of Business advising at cobadvising@fau.edu.

    Course Fees

    Total Course Cost: $1,500

    If a student intends to complete the full Professional Accounting Certificate, they will pay $1,500 for each of the 4 courses, totaling $6,000 for the certificate.

    Fees are billed per semester for course(s) taken in a particular semester. Fees are the same for Florida residents, out-of-state residents, and international students.

    Course fees include:

    → Access to available workshops and seminars
    → Full support: advising, tech support and financial services
    → 24/7 access to dedicated group study rooms
    → Microsoft Office 365 products

    Textbooks are not included in the course fees. Students must purchase required textbooks or e-books associated with each course on a semester/term basis. Textbook information will be provided closer to the start of the semester/term by the student’s Program Coordinator.

    Methods of Payment

    Federal Financial Aid is only granted for degree seeking students, so it will not cover these courses. Below are the available payment options:

    1. Self-Pay

    Payment can be made on-line via MyFAU (https://myfau.fau.edu). We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Payment may also be made online by using a personal checking/savings account “WEB CHECK.”

    Students can sign up for a payment installment plan and follow the Controller’s Office’s plan for their payments of the non-degree seeking courses. You can click here to view more details on how to sign up for this.

    2. Employer Reimbursement

    Some companies offer fee assistance for professional development courses. For this program, we accept course fee reimbursement that is disbursed directly to the student. This means students will essentially be “self-pay” and pay their invoice with the fee reimbursement provided to them from their company.

    Each company has different requirements as to what type of assistance they will provide (such as for degree seeking verses non-degree seeking), so we suggest consulting your Human Resources department for further clarification.

    3. Private Lending

    Private, credit-based lending is accepted by the university to assist students with covering full or partial course fees. Lending companies include banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Students are advised to consult with the lending company regarding specific eligibility requirements, interest rates, disbursement options, repayment terms, and other factors.

    4. Combination of Payment Methods

    Upon departmental approval, students can declare any combination of the above payment methods.

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