Professional Accounting Certificate

The certificate in Professional Accounting is designed for students who need additional upper-division accounting or tax coursework to meet professional licensure requirements, but who do not wish to pursue a graduate degree. The certificate gives these students the opportunity to obtain the coursework they need. It is available for traditional as well as executive students.

Students must complete 12 credits of coursework and all courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Students may select from the courses below or select up to 6 credits of preapproved 3000-4000-level ACG/TAX courses that were not taken as part of their undergraduate degree program. Prerequisite restrictions apply. 

Select from the courses below (or 6 credits of pre-approved upper-division ACG/TAX courses)*

  • Advanced Accounting 1 (ACG 5205 – 3 credits)
  • Auditing and Assurance Services 2 (ACG 5647 – 3 credits)
  • Internal Auditing (ACG 5677 – 3 credits)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (ACG 6175 – 3 credits)
  • Accounting for E-Commerce (ACG 6465 – 3 credits)
  • IT Auditing (ACG 6625 – 3 credits)
  • Accounting Fraud Examination Concepts (ACG 6686 – 3 credits)

* The list above lists the courses that may be offered in the program. Actual course offerings and schedules may vary from semester to semester. Contact our office for upcoming course schedules. 561-297-0525 or

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Credits counted toward an undergraduate or graduate degree program may not be used toward the certificate in Professional Accounting. The certificate is only open to non-degree-seeking students. However, with advisor approval, students may begin the certificate during their last semester of undergraduate coursework. Students earning more than one grade below a “C” in the approved certificate courses may not receive the certificate in Professional Accounting or register for additional graduate courses.

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