SOAEP’s alumni use their degrees to enhance their accounting careers, earn promotions or completely transform their professional lives by switching to a tax or accounting related field.


May 19, 2011
“My degree has certified and confirmed me as a professional in the field of forensic accounting. The classes provided me with a strong foundation in various aspects (audit, law, accounting, IT, etc.) that have assisted me in my day to day activities as a forensic accountant. Without the knowledge obtained and the degree I have earned, I do not believe I would be as far along in my career as I am.”

Josh Shilts, Alumnus 2007
Manager – Audit & Compliance Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

May 23, 2011
“The forensic accounting program at FAU was rigorous and demanding but it was definitely worth it. The professors have real world experience and the ability to explain text book concepts as they would apply in the field. The program has opened new doors for me in the accounting field. With the help of the student services staff, I was able to get a job as a forensic accountant at C. Lewis & Company, an international forensic accounting firm. I am constantly using what I learned at FAU in my day to day responsibilities.”

Jason Maya, Alumnus 2008
Forensic Accountant – C. Lewis & Company
May 24, 2011
“The executive tax program at FAU was a truly wonderful experience for me. The flexibility of the class location and schedule, the knowledge and experience that the professors were able to offer, and the relationships that I developed have all greatly served me during my career in public accounting. Because I was working full time in the tax area while enrolled in the program, I was able to apply what I learned from each class in real time, which helped me to progress rapidly in my career. I recommend the program to everyone who is devoted to gaining current and practical tax expertise and am very grateful to FAU for all that it shared with me.”

Dana Lance, Alumnus 2008
International Tax Manager – Grant Thornton LLP