SOAEP Students:

The SOAEP IT Team have been able to post the downloadable versions of your 02/13/16 lectures.

Please read this blog to find out how to access them.

We are still experiencing server and network outages.  In order to be able to publish the lectures for you this weekend, we have to temporarily remove the streaming portion (like YouTube) of the lecture pages and only offer you the downloadable formats.

To save the video/audio files to your computer, simply follow the instructions below the download links located on the lecture page inside of your course.

Please follow the instructions on the lecture page to view your lectures. 

We will restore the streaming portion of the lecture pages as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience during this unavoidable technical issue.

Please contact the SOAEP Help Desk with any questions, or if for some reason you cannot download the lecture video or audio files.

Thanks for your patience.