Dear SOAEP Students /Alumni:

Accounting firms take advantage of the opportunity when FAU’s Career Center hosts these internship and part-time job fairs during the fall and spring semesters. So should you!

At the Boca Raton campus job fair this past week, our SOAEP advisor, Joelise Tillman-Josey spoke with several hiring employers who were very interested in SOAEP students and alumni for internships, part-time positions! And, these are the same people who know about and are hiring for full-time and senior level positions as well.

Report from Joelise:

“The career fair was lively! I had the opportunity to connect with many employers in a broad range of fields from the automotive industry to new startup companies recently acquired by large corporations. Employers are looking to fill externships, internships, and full time positions. So whether you have no experience in accounting or have a lot of experience, the job fair included something for everyone. I spoke to representatives from the following companies:

* DRB Capital

* Tradestation

* SBA Communications Corporation

* Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

* Tracfone Wireless Inc.

* South/Vista Motor

* Progeny

* Woolbright

* Investments Limited

* Marines and Navy

Check out the companies and positions listed on the OWL Career Link ( you may need to sign up if you have not already; access for current students and alumni up to 1 year after graduation):