“Forensic accountants who work for the government may find themselves involved in cracking identity theft rings, tracing the financial footprints of …[terrorists] …, or investigating a tax evader’s drug-smuggling activities for the IRS. To say the least, it is an interesting way to spend a day!” (p.8)
Hopwood, Leiner & Young
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination (McGraw-Hill, 2012)

“The American public enjoys a love/hate relationship with tax laws. On the one hand, tax laws are viewed with some suspicion because they are so technically drafted as to become arcane in their effort at exactitude. On the other hand, the public is willing to pay large premium to practitioners who can decipher the arcane and find loopholes.”(p.245)

Black and Black
As Certain as Death Quotations about Taxes (Tax Analyst, 2010)

School of Accounting Executive Programs works to meet the growing demand for accounting graduates who specialize in forensic accounting and taxation. Our programs have earned the trust of many local and national employers in its eight years of educating future forensic and tax accountants. Employers are consistently impressed by our graduates’ knowledge and professionalism.

Accounting education with an emphasis on either forensic or tax accounting gives SOAEP’s alumni a competitive edge in today’s job market and helps them to advance to top-level positions in the public and private sectors. Companies that hire School of Accounting Executive Programs’ graduates include the FBI, IRS, Department of Justice, and many other public and private law and consulting firms.

Certificate Programs

An excellent way to enhance your accounting career is through a School of Accounting Executive Programs certificate program.