linkedin_logo_initialsAccording to Jobvite’s 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Results, 94% of recruiters used LinkedIn as the top social network/media to search for quality candidates. Today’s job seeker looking to be hired as a forensic accountant or tax accountant can’t afford to NOT take advantage of LinkedIn’s networking and potential internship and job opportunities.

Many of you may already have a LinkedIn profile, but beyond uploading your professional photo, you may not know to get your profile noticed by hiring managers interested in forensic accountants or tax accountants.

Think of the job hunt process from the perspective of the recruiter or hiring manager and ask yourself how well you fit the position they are looking for. Your LinkedIn profile should show that you are a quality candidate for the position. Your next question should be: can they find me? If you are not sure, you may need to do some renovations on your profile! Follow this motto: Be Searchable!

These tips below can help you better customize your LinkedIn profile to ensure that the right hiring managers and recruiters can find you when they are looking to fill specific positions:

Use a Professional Photo: LinkedIn claims that profiles with photos increase viewing by 11 times. Dress as if you were interviewing for the position in person. Take a clear professional looking headshot. And, don’t forget to smile!

Create a Professional Headline:  Use your current job title, degree (e.g. Masters in Forensic Accounting candidate or Masters in Taxation candidate), or that you are “Actively seeking…and then the title of the position you are interested in).

Consider your Summary = Online Resume+: This section is the online bonus version of your resume that allows you to add more detail and go beyond the restrictions of the one dimensional one page word document version.

Review/Revise your Resume: You will need to distinguish yourself, also known as “personal branding,” by using specific key words and industry-targeted content. Ensure it represents you as the specific industry-related candidate or professional you are. If you are pursuing a position in Tax or Forensic Accounting, do you use the important terms/key words used in these professions?

Use Bullet Points: make short lists under subtitles such as Professional Experience, Skills (or Core Competencies), Knowledge and Accomplishments.

Add the Courses section to your profile. List any relevant coursework or additional training that relates to the work you want to do).

Edit Carefully! Proofread for accuracy, consistency as well as correct grammar and spelling.  Don’t be the candidate who is fluent in English and Spinach.

* Very Important: The Summary (online version) and your Resume (the paper version) MUST be consistent even if not identical.