Expert Witness

An expert witness is a person who is qualified by his or her knowledge or experience to give an opinion on a particular issue to a court. Expert witnesses, however skilled or eminent, can give no more than evidence. They cannot usurp the functions of the jury, or a Judge sitting as a jury, any more than a technical assessor can substitute his advice for the judgment of the court.

Their duty is to furnish the Judge or jury with the necessary criteria for testing the accuracy of their conclusions, so as to enable the Judge or jury to form their own independent judgment by the application of these criteria to the facts proved in evidence. The scientific opinion evidence, if intelligible, convincing and tested, becomes a factor (and often an important factor) for consideration along with the whole other evidence in the case, but the decision is for the Judge or jury.

While in the Business Valuation Masters Degree Program at the School of Accounting Executive Programs, students will learn what it takes to become a respected expert witness.

October 2016

Live SOAEP Event – Meet Maria M. Yip and Associates – Practicing Experts in Forensic Accounting and Business Valuation – 10/22/16

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The FAU School of Accounting Executive Programs is happy to announce our first speaking and networking event of the semester: Maria M. Yip and Associates - Yip Associates is a leading forensic accounting firm with offices in Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and

April 2016

Business Valuation Certification

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A business valuation professional establishes values by utilizing specialist knowledge and training. Certified valuation professionals provide a range of services to clients including estate and gift tax appraisals, economic damage calculations, IRS valuations, intangible asset appraisals, shareholder and divorce litigation

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The Path To A Business Valuation Career

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In an uncertain and rapidly changing economic climate, determining the fair value of businesses is a key component of the preparation for mergers and acquisitions, tax reporting, legal actions, and estate planning. The path to a business valuation career

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March 2016

Meet John Borrowman, Prominent Recruiter and Expert on the Business Valuation Profession

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For all academic levels of Accounting and Accounting-related majors! Come learn more about this specialized niche of Accounting called Business Valuation* (BV). Find out what’s trending in BV as well as the professional opportunities available! What: An in-person and

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March 2015

Meet Sofia Hussain, Forensic Accountant

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Citizens wishing to understand their government’s concern over national security threats can easily do so by calling the human resource departments of the Central Intelligence Agency, Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the National Security Agency to see whom

February 2015

Meet Tony Gonzalez – Assistant U.S. Attorney with the Department of Justice

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Watch as Assistant United States Attorney Tony Gonzalez discusses his background, and his team. Tony also talks about two very interesting cases where if it had not been for the forensic accountants and their thorough investigation, the convictions may not

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