SOAEP Students:

This is a friendly reminder that there will be no live classes this Saturday, October 28, 2017. 

The air conditioning will be disabled in all Downtown Fort Lauderdale campus buildings over the weekend.  

Due to the lack of air conditioning in the building, we are being forced to shut down all equipment over the weekend in order to preserve the server hardware.  This includes all streaming video servers.

Actions You Need To Take:

In preparation for the streaming video server shut down on Thursday October 26, 2017, we are asking all SOAEP students to please pre-download any lectures that you will need prior to this Thursday October 26, 2017.  Doing this will guarantee that you are able to view your lectures during the server outage this coming Thursday through Sunday.  

During the server outage, there will be no way for you to access your lectures.  Please pre-download your lecture videos now. 

All downloadable lecture files are available underneath of the standard streaming video player on the lecture pages within Canvas. See screenshot for exact placement:


If you need assistance downloading your lecture video files, please call or email the SOAEP Help Desk. 

Phone: 1-954-762-5115