FAU Students and Faculty,

This message is for those that attend live classes on campus in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturdays.

Due to recent changes to the FAU Parking System, we are advising students and faculty to no longer park on the top floor of the multi-level parking garage which is located just north of the HEC Building (where Saturday lectures are held).

FAU no longer provides physical parking decals or placards.  If you park on the top floor of the parking garage and do not pay at the meters, you will be given a parking citation from the City of Ft. Lauderdale.

Please always park in the ground level, gated parking lot which is directly attached to the HEC Building.  See the attached photo below.

Your FAU Owl Card (student ID) will grant you access into the lot.  If by chance your card does not grant you access through the gate, please use the call box and let security know you are a student with the FAU School of Accounting Executive Programs.  Please be sure you have registered your vehicle(s) at: parking.fau.edu to ensure that your Owl Card will get you into the lot (instructions have been previously emailed to you).  If you need a replacement Owl Card, please see: http://www.fau.edu/business-services/owl-card/problems.php

If you have any questions about parking, please do not hesitate to contact the SOAEP Help Desk by emailing: techsupport@schoolofaccounting.com 

Thank you.