SOAEP Students,

Please be advised of the following traffic and/or parking issue at the Downtown Ft. Lauderdale Campus.

The 31st Annual Las Olas Art Fair, and the 2018 Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes will both be taking place Saturday, October 20th, 2018 (tomorrow) in the Fort Lauderdale Downtown area.

Students that are planning to attend the live lectures taking place tomorrow are being advised to monitor their drive time due to possible traffic pattern changes and traffic buildup, as well as possible parking issues.

As always, please make sure to have your FAU Owl Card with you at all times so that you will be given access to the normal FAU ground floor parking lot on SE. 1st Ave.

Parking options for 10/20/18:

1. Most preferred method:

Park in the ground level parking lot as usual. You MUST have your Owl Card, and your car’s license plate MUST be registered with FAU at: – Please sign in there with your FAUNet ID to verify that your vehicle is registered.

2. Backup method in case SE 1st Avenue is blocked off making the lot unreachable, you do not have your Owl Card, or in the unlikely event that the ground level FAU parking lot is full:

Park on the 7th floor only of the city parking garage using an FAU temporary parking pass given to you by SOAEP Administration during last week’s live lecture session. Please note, if you do not already have a temporary FAU parking pass, you will need to obtain one before parking on the 7th floor. If you park on the 7th floor in the parking garage, then come up to the 10th floor of the HEC building to obtain the parking pass, you will probably be given a citation in the time it takes you to complete the trip back to your car. If that happens, you will be responsible for paying the citation yourself.

3. Final backup parking method:

Pay for parking at the city parking meter on the street, or city parking lot at the kiosk. You are responsible for all costs, but the rates are reasonable.

If you have any questions or concerns about parking or traffic issues for tomorrow, 10/20/18, please give us a call in the office today at: 1-954-762-5115 and we will be happy to explain further.


SOAEP Support Team