Dear Students,

Please note that starting this summer semester, School of Accounting Executive Programs ( SOAEP) administration would like all SOAEP students to wear name badges. This will be a requirement for every semester going forth. As a result, the SOAEP staff will distribute name badge holders to all SOAEP students on Saturday, May 19th. New students will receive a red linear tag, and continuing students will receive a blue one. Then new students will receive a blue linear tag during their second semester with SOAEP.

Please bring your owl cards so that you can place them in the name badge holders.

Students who did not obtain an owl card yet will receive a temporary sticker, and any students who misplaced their owl card can contact Malinda Greer at Please also note that the replaced owl card will cost $15.

The SOAEP staff looks forward to seeing you all this Saturday!

Warmest regards,


Berlinda Juste, MAED

Program Coordinator


School of Accounting Executive Programs

777 Glades Road

Boca Raton, FL 33418

Tel: 561-297-4218